DPPMB World Café is an advocacy platform that was established by DPPMB over 5 years ago in 2012, an initiative that was led by DPPMB strategic consulting partners, MDG Services and BN Hartajati Management Consultant.

It is an event held with the aim to collect intelligence that matters to the business community through a Forum (preliminary sessions) and Round Table (exploration sessions). The intent is to present discoveries, choices and actions for the respective stakeholders information, attention and further action. Resulting outcomes of the forum and the Round Table Sessions are provided in a form of a report that is presented at a dialogue with the relevant stakeholders (Dialogue with Stakeholders). Both the Round Table and the Dialogue with Stakeholders are conducted in a closed door sessions with local business communities represented by the Chambers, Business Association, Business Councils and Advisory Councils, leading business individuals and the representatives of relevant government agencies.

DPPMB World Café has been a successful platform for DPPMB (the Brunei Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry) where issues that impact on the sustainable growth of business development in Brunei Darussalam and nation building are addressed in a collaborative and effective manner by both business and related government agencies.

DPPMB is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the DPPMB 4th World Café Forum on Saturday May 5 2018, organised by our strategic partner Creativo Sdn Bhd and strategic consulting partners MDG Services and BN Hartajati Management Consultant. 
DPPMB World Café Forum is an event held to advocate the sustainable development of Brunei business. This year our theme “Menjayakan Wawasan Negara” (translated as “Accomplishing National Vision”) will provide the business community with an opportunity to contribute to conversations on accomplishing the national vision and provide insight on the areas of interest to business and investment in Brunei Darussalam.

The forum will provide insights from domestic, regional and international panel speakers on prioritised areas that impacts on Business, Economy, Social and Technology (BEST). It will further provide the audience with a snapshot of the critical milestones to achieving the national vision and best practices that may support efforts on this matter, as well as opportunities for business to focus their efforts.

DPPMB 4th World Café Forum 2018 will be open to the business community – chambers, business associations and business individuals, as well as representatives of lead government agencies and foreign missions based in Brunei Darussalam.

Join us at DPPMB 4th World Café Forum 2018! 

The event will provide you with:
  • A group of interesting, dynamic and diverse speakers
  • An opportunity to learn from community leaders and network
  • An opportunity to contribute to the conversations that impact on business and nation building.