We live in challenging and constantly changing times where several market forces dictate the business prospects within and beyond the shores of our country that we may or not may be in control of.  

DPPMB is posed with a question of how the Chamber connects with and serves our Malay business constituents and the overall business community, be visible in the overall business landscape and stay relevant in the community. We are very much aware of the need to drive and sustain business growth among the Brunei Malay and business community as a whole, of the need to build capacity as well as confidence in venturing out to global market and contribute to the economic prosperity of our nation.  (Read Malay Version)

It has become increasingly significant on DPPMB’s part to answer the call for an empowered private sector, specifically the business community, and we are responding with a vision of “Empowering Brunei Businesses” and what this means in the way we do things - new direction, new approach, with a new image of the organisation. 

DPPMB believes in a future where businesses feel the need to be more responsible for the communities that sustain them. Businesses must not only be consistent, competitive and profitable but must also become more responsible if they are going to thrive in the long term. It is an ethical imperative to promote responsible growth among businesses that create social as well as economic value through a defined purpose of making sustainable living a commonplace and to help change the lives of people as business grows. DPPMB has shown examples of this through its support to the initiative of its members in promoting local cuisine at the village level. It has also shown its support to the Chilli Farm Plantation ran by the village council of Lumapas that created jobs for the local Malays. Furthermore, it has shown its support to a local Chicken Farm that provides jobs for single mothers and helped promote cottage industries where young entrepreneurs promote their local products. 

DPPMB has created an open space such as the World Café series where members of the business community engage in an interactive discussion and share views on the current realities of their businesses and the support that they need. DPPMB believes that when diversity of thought is embraced, it serves as a powerful unifier to leverage on unique thinking and opportunities associated with it. Open discussions on new ideas in World Café fuelled opportunities and possibilities previously unseen and now infused in DPPMB’s new approach and direction with newfound purpose and excitement among the chamber’s members. 

DPPMB’s new approach and direction requires sharing the chamber’s momentum with others. It demands the best interest of the Malay and business community at heart. However this can never happen alone in DPPMB’s hands. It demands a strong team as well as a strong collaboration and partnership with all stakeholders that will make a strong responsible business ecosystem that contributes to sustained economic growth of Brunei Darussalam. 

DPPMB appreciates the time and effort put in by its executive committee members and its strategic partners for their support and commitment toward the success of the organization. We thank all of our supporters and we look forward to future collaborations with members of the business community, the government and other related agencies, and the foreign missions based in Brunei Darussalam. We look forward toward building our relationships and translating our efforts into outcomes that has greater and mutual benefit for all.  


Dr. Hj Kamaruddin bin Dato Seri Paduka Hj Talib

President of the Brunei Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry 


(Read Malay Version)